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Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Excursion

Hi stars! Sorry for the late posts but I have had a bit of an extended vacation. I actually went out of town this weekend and had a date with a long time friend of mine. We started by going to a wonderful dinner @ Ruby Tuesday. By the way, has anyone noticed how they are going for this upscale look? Child, I guess.... but, all that aside, the dinner and wine selection was superb. After dinner and (more than...) a few drinks we decided to go see this new movie, Legion. This movie stars Tyrese, Paul Bettany, Lucas Black and Charles S Dutton and is about the fall of humanity through the hands of angels sent by God to destroy the human race. Now, I am all for a good thriller, but this movie was crazy as hell. Sort of in the same vein as Drag Me To Hell or something like that. If you are going to be going to the movies soon, be sure to check it out. It was a hoot but definitely not appropriate for children. Well, I just wanted to share that with my stars. Loves Ya!

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